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Schedule grooming while your pet is on its stay, or schedule grooming any time with us to keep your companion’s coat healthy! Either way, our expert groomers will make sure that your furry friend is comfortable during its groom and looks especially dapper afterward!

All grooms include:

    • Bath
    • Nails clipping (filing on request)
    • Ears cleaned and plucked
    • Drying
    • Shape-ups (when needed)

For a la carte services, scroll to the bottom of the grooming menu



Up to 30 lbs
Clip down $50
Brush out $40
31-60 lbs
Clip down $60
Brush out $50
61-90 lbs
Clip down $70
Brush out $60
91 lbs and over
Prices start at $80 and is dependent on time taken.
Dematting $20


Bath, nails, ears $40
Clip down $50
Dematting $20
Bunnies may also be groomed for the same rates as cats.

Al la carte grooming menu:


Small $30
Medium $40
Large $50
Flea bath $35
De-skunking bath $50


Grinding $15
Clipping $15
Clipping – In Home $25
Clipping – In Home Additional Pets $15